Miyamoto over de mogelijke connectie tussen Wii U en 3DS

By Wesley Akkerman | Games

Shigeru Miyamoto heeft zich uitgelaten over de mogelijke connectie die de Wii U en Nintendo 3DS zouden kunnen hebben. Als voorbeeld geeft de man Nintendogs. De data van je puppy op het kleine scherm, zou overgezet kunnen worden naar het grote scherm.

“But as far as the idea of connectivity, there are a number of different examples that we could think of. So for example, if you think about Nintendogs as a game that you play on Nintendo 3DS, and having that similar two-screen structure, it would be very easy to create a Nintendogs that perhaps would allow you to take your Nintendogs data for the dog that you have on your Nintendo 3DS and bring that into the living room on a larger screen where the entire family could enjoy seeing you play with your dog on the bigger screen.

On stage, I talked a little bit more about how some of the uses of this screen, independent of the television, can allow for some of those unique experiences that cross between these two screens, rather than talking specifically about connectivity. But of course, given the long experience that we have trying out different things in that connectivity space, we’ll certainly build on that as we continue to think about what the possibilities might be. And of coruse we have, taking the example of something like the Miis, which originated on the Wii hardware, and have now migrated over towards the 3DS hardware, and as you can see they’re also taking a prominent role in the Wii U hardware…

 What this does is it creates a sort of unique dynamic, where on the Nintendo 3DS, you have the StreetPass data that you get by walking past people in real life and connecting with them, and on the Wii U, you have a similar type of connection with people, but it happens over the internet. So I think that can also create some interesting dynamics in terms of what we can do with that type of experience.”

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