Jason Rubin: A Note to Darksider fans

By Leroy Woudstra | Games

Pas geleden hebben wij een artikel geplaatst met een quote van THQ‘s nieuwe president, Jason Rubin, omtrent Darksiders. Ons eerder gepubliceerde stuk kun je HIER lezen. Wat blijkt is dat zijn quote uit context is getrokken aldus Rubin. Lees zijn verklaring op de volgende pagina.

“To all Darksiders Fans,
A quote from a recent interview I did has been reported out of context by a number of news outlets. The quote implied that I am not enthusiastically behind the Darksiders universe, and that THQ has made decisions not to continue the Darksiders franchise. This is simply untrue. My quote “I can get the team to make other interesting games” was intended in the context of having different teams within this incredibly talented studio work on new original IP, as well as continuing to support the Darksiders franchise.

I enjoyed the original game when it came out, and one of my first tweets as President of THQ was “Best part of my new job at THQ? When the Darksiders II playable suddenly drops on my desk… @thq”. Since that tweet I have been playing a lot of Darksiders II and it is far better than the first. I’m incredibly excited about Vigil and the Darksiders franchise. Keep your eyes peeled on Monday for an awesome new trailer that brings the world to life in a way you haven’t seen before!”


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