Nog veel meer Wii U-titels onderweg

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Reggie Fils-Aime, wiens lichaam klaar is om konten te schoppen, heeft aangegeven dat Nintendo nog wat verrassing in de groene pijpleiding heeft zitten. In de nabije toekomst worden er namelijk meer spellen voor Wii U onthuld.

So if you see how we’ve applied those learnings to Wii U… Great first-party titles that are going to be within the launch window. A robust online experience, highlighted by Miiverse. And then all of the great entertainment partners with, candidly, a lot more to share at a futture date, as to what we’re doing there. So, tough results, certainly, our performance mirrored that. But a lot of key learning that we’re approaching and applying to Wii U. 

Reggie geeft daarna nog aan dat er tot aan de volgende kerstperiode al vooruit wordt gekeken wat titels betreft.

Nintendo is actively working on what’s going to be that next grouping of titles to propel us all the way through our second holiday. So we’re giving it a lot of thought, and for that active gamer who’s looking to buy something brand new on a regular basis, there’s going to be a lot there. 

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